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How to succeed in your current job


The value you bring customers and your companies.

Here is a consolidation of alle the value you bring to customers and your companies.

Value Customers

  • Security
  • Delivery
  • Knowledge
  • Know how
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Time saving
  • Quick problem solving
  • Image
  • Keep customers informed
  • Make their life easier
  • Help them reach their own customers
  • Security and predictability
  • To add profitability
  • Be a tool
  • Guidance
  • Personal interaction

Value own company

  • Credibility
  • Experience
  • Thought leadership
  • Information
  • Securing profit
  • Bring information and knowledge from the market
  • Improving reputaion and image
  • Help develope company
  • Be a resource
  • Add profitability
  • Secure relationsships
  • Customer list
  • Profit
  • New ideas

Some of the above values, you put in to a model called the FAB model. See below what the advantages and benefits is for your customers and your companies.


THE FAB MODEL (Features, Advantages, Benefits)

These are

Features Advantages Benefits
Keep the customer informed The customer feels safe and experience good service The customers become loyal
Reputation Stabile turnover New customers, which secure profit
Better parts stock, which means faster delivery Time saving for the customer/machine More earnings
Quick problem solving Personal time saving More focus on customers own business
Better service High service quality Trust
Better image Strong partner More orders
Personal interaction Trust and engagement on a personal level Safety
New ideas/Thoughtleader Foreseeing the market Updated, staying in business
Tool Time saving Profit for the customer
Experience Avoiding mistakes Time saving, money saving
Safety Update, 25/7 service, warranty Tie saving, money, profit, second car
Succes Greater turnover, ease, confidence Freedom, happy employees, less sickleave

Here you can find parts of the presentation I gave last tuesday

Press this link to open the PDF file: CNH-Industrial-presentation-handouts

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Have a great end of 2017 and an even better 2018.


Jesper Vig Thomasen